Calling the London escort industry


London escort agencies can really benefit from having a good writer

London escort agencies can really benefit from having a good writer

Calling all agency owners out there.  Your websites look awful and you could do much better…

I’m not kidding in many cases too.  Some of those websites are simply awful.  The images are usually the primary focus on an escort website and you get no prizes for guessing why.  However, like any other website, unless you’re going to spend a fortune on PPC advertising or dish out thousands of pounds to the escort directories and other places you can list with, you’re going to need a little organic traffic at least!

Text is best

This is why you need to concentrate on having some good quality writing, done preferably by someone who has English as a first language too.  I am currently providing good quality textual content to a few escort agency websites and they are already seeing the benefits.  However, it is sadly the same old story, it all depends on how much content you put on and how often; this is obviously closely linked with your budget, but I can always negotiate and come to an agreement so that you get at least some of what you need.

It’s amazing how many escort agency sites out there don’t use descriptions for the girls.  You might think that this isn’t very important but you’d be wrong.  It all depends on what you write of course, but if you can mention other things that connect with: London, popular locations, cultural and leisure activities etc, as well as mentioning the agency and the girl you’ll be getting somewhere near enough relevant content and enough words to make Google sit up and take notice.

It’s not all about Google

There are other reasons you might want written content on your website.  There has to be an element of entertainment on your website too.  Something witty, or something useful on your site that people may actually want to refer or link to is even better (and of course, you’ll be adding up the words!)

Stories and blog posts about things pertaining to the industry or your location are always a good way of building a better presence too.  Remember to update and add content as and when to make sure the search engines take notice of you.


Social networking is also a good idea, particularly if you have a blog and you are publishing interesting relevant content on it.  I have a number of clients who use Twitter and they pay me to update their accounts daily and point to interesting content on the internet and on their own websites.  I also send links via Twitter to new girls etc and any offers that may be obvious on the website.  You would be surprised at just how much traffic some of my clients get from Twitter.

Special packages for Twitter management on a daily basis can be arranged for clients wishing to take this option.

So I hope you’ve picked up a little insight into just how much having good quality content on your escort website really does help.  If you want any more information or a free quote on how I can help you improve the appearance and the efficiency of your website give me a call or drop me an email