Don’t let the large escort agencies put you off making an effort!

escort website contentThese larger escort agencies will always do better than you if you don’t start doing something about it. It’s never too late to make a start on your website, and if it’s not performing well enough, isn’t it worth spending a little time and/or money on it before you decide to quit?

Not ranking for the top search terms?

So what if you’re position for the top search terms isn’t really very good, you can always concentrate on the smaller, more niche terms. What people fail to understand when it comes to internet searches is that people search for all sorts of different things. For example, you might not rank at the top for “London escorts,” but you might rank better for “east London escorts,” or “fetish London escorts”. You see, people will search for escorts dependent on their location, and they may also have particular things that they like their girls to wear, or do.

These niches (locations or other categories) won’t get as many searches as “London escorts,” but they’ll still get searched. What’s good about this is that those larger agencies might not rank very well at all for the smaller, more niche categories. Really have a good think about the type of girls and services you offer, and focus on those searches. After all, Google are ranking sites higher for offering a better user experience, and it doesn’t get better than offering the user what they have actually searched for!

So, all you have to do is to make sure you get these niche phrases and keywords into your escort website content. And if you can’t do it yourself, I’ll do it for you!

escort website contentOffer a better service

Granted, there isn’t a lot you can do differently, but you can do more to make sure you represent only girls who are getting top feedback, or those that have a very good reputation for offering the best services. Offer duo or even trio escort services if you can get the girls. I’ve seen one or two agencies offering discounts here and there too. Perhaps a competition would be a good idea? Maybe a loyalty scheme? What about escort interviews, offering insight into the girls’ lives and experiences? There are a number of things you could do, and I’d be happy to discuss them with you. However, if you are planning something different, make sure you tell people about it via your escort website content and social networks.

Get social

I’ve said it before, and I’ll keep saying it until I’m blue in the face. Get social! You need to get those social networks working for you. Not only do a number of punters use Twitter, Google have even started to use your social presence as a deciding factor when they rank your website. I’ll be posting a little more about Twitter strategies in the future, so keep your eyes on the blog and subscribe to my newsletter (you’ll find on the homepage). This works even better when you link your escort website content to your Twitter profile.

Get your escort website content sorted out

It’s an indisputable fact that putting out regular, quality escort website content improves your position in organic searches. But you’d be right in saying that the bigger agencies can afford to spend a lot more money on their content, and this is often why they perform better. However, you shouldn’t let this put you off spending a little cash on quality content. The trick is to try your best to do a little of everything you’ve seen in this article. If you do a little of everything, and if you do most of it yourself, you really will see a significant improvement in your position. It really doesn’t take much to get Google’s attention these days, and as long as what you’re posting is quality, and not a load of rubbish keyword riddled trash fed into the engine to get a better position, you’ll do alright.

The big boys won’t be around forever

It’s the smaller agencies that are the true threat to the big boys these days. So if you’re a smaller agency, you can really strike a blow by making that little bit more of an effort with your SEO marketing and website content. The larger agencies won’t just be spending money on content, they’ll be advertising here and there and everywhere too, and they’ll be marketing via social networks and forums too. If you start to put more quality content on your site than them, Google will notice. And if you start getting your content shared via social networks etc. you’ll get noticed even more.

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